Future Heroes

As a group we went to Prince Charles Elementary School to ask some grade 6 students who their heroes were and why. As the future of our society we wanted to know who they saw as influences to attempt to shed a light on who may be our heroes of the future. Here's what the 11-year-old students had to say about heroism.

Shania John


Chris Gaudett


Serena Blagrove


Robert Bryden


Abbey Shewan


Neomie Blagrove


Rylan Scaletta


Tyler Talsma


Ella Felske


Rylee Bark


Brianna Gilhooley


Madison Randle


Deven Reyes


Victoria Scott


Logan McNally


Matthew Ramsay


One student, Victoria, even drew us this picture to say thank you for coming to talk to them. Victoria is hoping to be an animator and clearly has some talent!