Senior makes trips of companionship

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Aldersgate Village – the 88-year old man with the red van from Angus Argyle on Vimeo.

BELLEVILLE – Roy Reed checks his list daily for fellow seniors who need a little company.

The 88-year-old man still drives and spends a good deal of his time dropping in to other retirement care facilities around Belleville.

"If we can help people along the way that's what life is all about," Says Reed about his visits.

Reed says he got the idea when his late wife, Doris Reed was suffering from Alzheimer's disease and staying at Hasting Manor seven years ago.

"I used to go there everyday to visit her. I soon found out that a lot of people I would see all the time never had anyone come to visit them. I just got to talking to them," Reed says.

Jim McCurdy, a fellow resident of Aldersgate Village, has been visited by Reed on numerous occasions.

"I was glad to see Roy. I didn't expect in the short time I stayed there to see any visitors," says McCurdy about a time when Reed came to visit him in the hospital after a hip replacement.

McCurdy says something as small as a list of people can mean a lot to seniors experiencing loneliness.

"When you're in the late autumn of your years you like to have a bit of sociability or a laugh rather than sitting in the corner alone and watching the rest of the world go by," says McCurdy.

Reed says he always carries a book of jokes around with him on his visits to cheer people up.

The elderly man says his faith in Christianity plays an important role in setting an example for him.

"Actions speak louder than words. Be considerate, kind and understanding. I'm a firm believer that if we live a Christian life and have accepted Christ into our hearts and lives, that's a real important step to take," says Reed.


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