Past heroes: senior remembers hard times with appreciation

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Roy Reed wrote this book in memory of his grandparents (top) John and Charlotte Reed, his wife (middle) Doris Reed and his parents Fred and Alice Reed. Photo by Nikolai Karpinski.

BELLEVILLE – Roy Reed was born in Picton, Ont. and was raised on a farm. The youngest of three, Reed says he learned the value of hard work growing up.

"Great place to grow up, there was all kinds of work to do. We thought we were abused of course at the time, but I look back now and I thank my parents and God that I had that experience as a young lad," says Reed.

Growing up during the Great Depression taught Reed to value what he had.

"The one thing about growing up in what they call the dirty 30s was there wasn't enough money for extra things. So it made us appreciate if we got something we didn't expect," says Reed.

Reed's story about how he met his late wife, Doris, is an example of appreciating something he didn't expect.

Roy and Doris were married for 61 years and parents to four children.

Fred Reed at his farm in Picton, Ont. Photo by Nikolai Karpinski.

Reed says one of his heroes is his father, Fred. "Even though he was busy, he always had time to help people that needed it," says Roy, who went on to recall a time when his father would drive kids to and from school everyday before there were school buses available.


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