The ultimate comeback

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BELLEVILLE – It was not too long ago that Peter Paylor was living on the streets , when he discovered his talents of carving.

"When I started carving it was a total fluke for me. I went through a period of homelessness 10 years ago and during that period I was back and forth between Belleville and Toronto," he said.

Photo by Courtney Bell, Hidden Heroes. "So If I was to name my heroes there is a women Stacy Jennifer Love who transitioned many years ago when it was really really really hard." - Peter Paylor

It was during his time living on the streets in Toronto that Paylor discovered his passion and talent for carving and decided he could change the way he was living through hard work and dedication to his new found craft.

"I just picked up a piece of wood one day and a pocket knife and it started to look like something and it took off from there and I decided I could carve things," he said.

"I had the belief that the things I was creating with my hands had value and I knew if I could create something of value every day that someone would give me 30$ for I would be better off, and I did believe in my gut that I could do that," he said.

Before anyone had paid him for one of his carvings, Paylor began going to the farmers market in the Toronto park to publicize his art work.

"I brought mostly just sticks because it was hard to find wood there and would carve them and eventually people started buying them," he said.

"It turned out that I was right that you could feed yourself and put a roof over your head and feed your soul by doing art," he said.

Paylor always believed that the universe was going to come through for him.

"I have this unshakable faith that the universe is going to provide. I believe that all of us have talents and if you are lucky you find it," he said.

After the success in Toronto Paylor moved back to Belleville to live with his sister and test out his talents in the farmers market downtown Belleville.

Lucky for Paylor, he ended up meeting his new partner Lisa Morris. Currently, Paylor and Lisa have their own art gallery in Downtown Belleville called Artist Artisan Gallery and Studio. The two are very active participants in the community and have a passion for the arts.

"I always use the analogy of crowdsurfing. That idea of just throwing yourself into the world and knowing that people are going to support you it's really cool, I've experienced it," he said.

Paylor believes that the life experiences he has gone through has really shaped who he is.

"When you take everything else away the thing that really feeds your soul are family and community it’s the most important thing," he says.

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