Passion for the arts turned into passion for helping her community

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Photo by Courtney Bell, QNet News. "A hero is somebody who lives by a higher standard and does things for others without regard to their own benefit." - Lise Lindenberg.

BELLEVILLE – Lise Lindenberg is a drama teacher and considered a local hero to some.

Photo by Courtney Bell, QNet News. "A hero is somebody who lives by a higher standard and does things for others without regard to their own benefit." - Lise Lindenberg.

Susanne Quinlan, director of operations at Gleaners Food Bank, said in an email to Hidden Heroes that Lindenberg is a hero to her because of all the work she has put into the Gleaners Food Bank. Lindenberg has raised money for their regional warehouse for the last 5 years.

Lindenberg's involvement in the community all started out after she began volunteering at the community theatre, Belleville Theatre Guild. She has been involved in multiple productions since 1993. Lindenberg met Quinlan in 1990 through her business Porcupine Needles, as Quinlan was one of her valued customers. The business made a variety of casual clothing from original patterns - and also took commissions for making hand-painted t-shirts for local businesses. Over 17 years Lindenberg sold t-shirts all over Ontario. The business was closed in 2004.

Since then she and Quinlan have worked on plays together and naturally Lindenberg got involved with Gleaners Food Bank. Lindenberg believes that it is our duty as citizens to help out our community.

"I think I've always felt that you can't complain about your community if you don’t contribute to it. You have to contribute to your community or else you're not enhancing or improving where you live," she said.

Lindenberg was born in New York and her family moved here when she was eight. She later became a Canadian citizen at the age of 13 and remains the only branch of their family in Canada.

"Everybody else is in the States so we always felt a little bit like orphans here," she said.

The family moved to Canada for a change.

"My parents were adventure seekers," she said.

Lindenberg comes from a very small family including her two brothers and a total of four cousins. She is currently married with no kids and four cats. Her husband Perry Poupore is very supportive of everything she does and stands for.

From a young age Lindenberg had a passion for the arts. When she was in Grade 10 she gained an interest for performing after acting out a scene for her class.

"It was so much fun and I thought , geez I kind of like this," she said.

In her second year at Queens University in Kingston she fell in love with drama.

"I loved it, loved it, loved it!," she said.

After she finished school she went home and continued to do arts on the side as a hobby and really started to enjoy the role as director.

She currently works as a drama teacher at Centennial Secondary school and continues to do work at Belleville Theatre Guild.

Lindenberg has a hero of her own. Her brother, Eric Lindenberg.

"There are a few people that I cherish for lots of reasons. Anybody who is brave enough I think to support difficult situations or to find ways to support difficult people in difficult situations. My own brother rode a bicycle from Vancouver to Halifax to raise awareness and money for kids with cancer, I mean in a way he's a hero, he's one of my heroes," she said.

"I think I know a lot of great people and anybody who cares about our planet or anybody that cares about anyone is really a hero in my books," she said.

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